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Pink Lemonade’s Summer Style Guide, Part 1

When people learn I have a master’s degree in fashion, they often ask me for style advice. After I explain to them that that’s not really what I do, they usually seem confused and disappointed and ask for more style advice. (Note: My number one piece of style advice has always been and will always be, listen to your heart.) But recently, I’ve been thinking I should put together a style guide for all the fashionistas out there about how to tap into this summer’s most trendy yet also classic hot NYC summer looks. Being stylish is not only about the clothes but also the accompanying ‘tude, so this how-to guide breaks down how to go from drab to fab! Many thanks to my fabulous photographer/art director Tess for making this possible.


The Seductive Fur-Clad Secretary

Step 1. Pair your lavender fur tuque with your most professional looking sleeveless fur fest, layered over a frilly secretarial blouse. I know fur on fur is a pretty unorthodox combination for the NYC summer heat, but I swear you’ll have heads turning all down the block. Plus it’s great for beating the chilly office AC!

Step 2. Wear with your most sumptuous and widest-legged palazzo pants to mix in some beachy summer fabulosity. Add a gold chain and bejeweled lavender mules for a fun and zesty look.

Step 3. Take to your desk chair and strike a seductive come-hither pose as you dictate a memo to any passerby who will listen. Your officemates will surely take notice of your fab new office ensemble!

IMG_1019The Tigerbutt B-Boy

Step 1. The most crucial component of this look is a pair of black dropcrotch pants with a giant tiger emblazoned on the butt. Hot tip: look for a reversible pair so you can go tigercrotch or tigerbutt, depending on whatever mood strikes you. I recommend Ebay’s wide selection of Korean fashion outfitters.

Step 2. Once you receive your tigerbutt pants via international post (this should take no longer than 6-8 weeks), pair them with your most fetching tiger sweatshirt. You may also substitute a tiger shirt, tiger tank, tiger blouse, etc. Complete the look with some Nike Dunks and a fitted cap repping your favorite sports team. You might also choose a cap with a goofy yet memorable saying, such as “LOL @ UR SWAG” or “YOLO.”


Step 3. Take to the A train with a boombox and try out some of your best moves. Anything that involves lots of knee-waggling, hip-swaying, or rump-shaking will showcase your tigerbutt moves optimally. Take care not to hit any old ladies in the head when you test out your aerial moves.



The Big Buck Huntress 

Step 1. Mixing and matching animal prints and textures is key to nailing this look. Start with your favorite pair of blue cheetah-print pants. In a pinch, you could substitute zebra print leggings or cheetah-print pants in some other color, but avoid giraffe print at all costs as this is a DEFINITE FASHION DON’T!

Step 2. Add your go-to furry vest to the mix and add some blue python print sleeves to vibe off of your blue cheetah-print pants. Obviously if you choose to don another color/animal print (not giraffe!!!!) then your sleeves should color-coordinate. Nothing looks sillier than blue python sleeves with purple zebra print leggings, so spare yourself the embarrassment and match those colors up right!

Step 3. Slip on some crazy dinosaur-inspired shoes and take to the streets with your poutiest duck-face. Watch as the big buck come flocking like moths to your big buck huntress flame.


The “Svetlana Goes to Miami”

Step 1. Everyone knows that the days of summer are hot, but this outfit promises to make those sizzling summer nights even hotter! Start with your favorite polyester leggings (side zippers optional). Add sparkly gold sandals for some exotic pizzazz.

Step 2.  Top with your favorite silk caftan – make sure it has bell-sleeves, kimono-sleeves, or butterfly-sleeves for maximum caliente factor. Use a matching scarf as a headwrap to keep your summer ‘do protected at the beach.

Step 3. Hit the streets of Miami, or you can head to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn if you’re trying to stay local. This ensemble works best paired with a bowl of cold summer borscht and a giant sausage, preferably eaten on the boardwalk. Make sure to wait 30 minutes after eating if you’re planning on a swim!



The Birthday Bettie

Step 1. This look works best during your birthday week. Get yourself in a festive mood by listening to some Scissor Sisters.

Step 2. Buy a pair of rhinestone and/or sequined shorts (mine have been blessed by the holy spirit of Beyonce for H&M). Add your most Jake Shears looking frilly top and complete the look with black go-go boots. Strike a pose with your hand on your hips for maximum fabulousness.

Step 3. Dance on every piece of furniture in your room/apartment/neighborhood until you embarrass all of your friends and family members.


The Yeezus

Step 1. Wear a hallucination-inducing sweater with blue python sleeves and add a furry purple stole and your Brooklyn Nets fitted. Balance the look on top, which is quite active, with a simple pair of black pants and, if you wish, black Balenciaga sneakers.

Step 2.  Assume the posture of Christ during His Resurrection. You may wish to play Yeezus or something hymnal to get yourself in the mood.

Step 3. Anoint yourself with some cocoa butter or Jergens moisturizer and declare yourself a demi-god.


Stay tuned for more hot summer looks with Part 2 of Pink Lemonade’s Summer Style Guide, coming soon!